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    Hey there, Welcome to the blog of Nikunj Verma, India. Here, you will find some tid-bits of my MBA journey, which almost spanned over 7 years! Although the blog captures the fag end of this journey, but I hope you will find some information useful. So, feel at home and explore around. Thanks for stopping by!

New beginning, New address!

I got a few comments on this blog which reminded me that I had not updated this blog for a while. Actually I forgot to post here that I have shifted to a new address. I have joined XLRI’s 1 year MBA program and now blog at http://www.nikunjverma.com Please visit me there to share thoughts … Continue reading

Transformation on the way….

Its almost the end of the road to ISB. If I don’t receive interview invite in next 3 days, that dream to attend ISB will be over, well almost. Thanks to the XLRI GMP interview call which I received yesterday, I am not shattered yet. In the meantime, I have been thinking a lot about … Continue reading

ISB submitted in R2

Yesterdays was the R2 deadline for ISB and I turned in my application comfortably(unusual!). I had been working on it for last 10 days and it was a big relief. My application feels a lot better to me this time. The essays underwent some good reviews by at least 3 people. The recos are also … Continue reading

Open-source business model generates heat..

I have been seeing a lot of analysis on opensource business model off late. Blame it on Oracle vs MySQL vs EU controversy. I thought it would be good to note all these discussions going on. Here are the links: Open source remains elusive Gigaom discusses and amends the above article I haven’t read these … Continue reading

Skipped SPJain. Mission ISB now!

A couple of updates first, one good news and one follow up news. First the good news- I had applied at the 1 year PGPM program at SP Jain, Bbay and had interviewed with them. Well, the result came about 16 days ago and this time I did MAKE it. Man, wow good does that … Continue reading

Back in Black(and white, and red, etc)

After a really long hiatus, back to blogging here. But I can assure you this time, you are going to see some activity here. My last year’s application experience was a good learning experience. The score board was: Applied Short listed Final result Reasons IIM-A(PGPEX) No Negative Lower experience, lesser GMAT(710!) IIM-C(PGPX) Yes Negative Lower … Continue reading

CAT is stranger than fiction..

As I reported earlier my CAT attempt was a joke as I didn’t study for even 15 mins this year for it. A far cry from my earlier days in 2002-2003 when my life used to revolve around it. Though I was rather pleased with the performance after I checked my marks(a practiced ritual in … Continue reading

At the end of the tunnel..

So in the end my brain could not persuade my heart to apply for NUS/Judge/CMU Tepper. So that says it all. This is prolly going to be the end of road for my Bschool plan this year. My Haas application is under review right now. Yesterday the admission staff had informed me that they haven’t … Continue reading

Tuck rejected itself…

Okay, so the headline seems like a case of sour grapes. But it feels demoralizing to say “I have been dinged”. And thats happening too often off late. 🙂 Though, this one wasn’t a surprise. Interview calls for EA rounds had started trickling out from Hanover in Oct last week. And by Dec, even R1 … Continue reading

Haas R2 submitted!

I submitted by application for UC Berkeley for their R2 deadline a few days ago. Didn’t find time to post this bit of info here. Work has been hectic. I got very less time to go through the essays and the application before I turned them in. Blame it on my system bug – procrastination. … Continue reading